Silver Fern Rally photos - 2008

The photos on this site were taken with my little Panasonic camera. In no way am I a professional photographer, as will be obvious from some of the photos.

Of course, there were plenty of photographers around, with far better lenses than my little Panasonic's, on the other hand some of them left after the first few cars, whereas I usually arrived for the tail of the field. I'd thought of editing out the less good photos, but I know (as an occasional past competitor in car club things) that even a barely passable photo of ones car in action is better than none. So I left them in, I've plenty of spare site space so it costs me nothing.

The pics on this site are free for anyone to download, use, edit, whatever. Silver Fern officials: If you'd like any of these for your site, please just take them.

The photos on this site are from Day One, and Days 5 to 8. What happened to Days 2 to 4? I lost the !@#$%^* memory card, that's what! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you. I wish I could say I feel better now.

I had thought of uploading a few photos to the Silver Fern Rally pages, but I figured it was easier for me to just upload them to some server space I'm not using. Also, that way, I don't have to worry about filling up the Rally site with some shots which aren't really up to standard.

I'll leave these up for a few of months at least. After that, anyone's still welcome to copies if they contact me at cr(AT)orcon(DOT)net(DOT)nz (address munged to fool spambots). Head any emails 'Silver Fern Rally' or similar so I won't mistake them for spam.

Most of the photos are of competitors' cars, some are taken driving through the stage afterwards. If you feel a certain blue Escort appears far too often in the latter, well, don't download them. Besides, it had its 200,000th birthday on the rally, so a little recognition is in order. (That's miles, not km's).
On a more modest note, I hadn't intended, when I was taking photos, to put them on public view, or I would have left my car out of most of them. They were intended as reminders to me of the trip.

And thanks to all the competitors, officials, service crews and other rally followers for making it an interesting eight days.

NOTE re contents of this site.
Due to the volume of photos I took, and the time it takes to upload via a 56K modem, I've adopted the following policy: The links below in bold, are to pages with thumbnails and full-size (2560 x 1920) photos linked off them. The other links are to pages which (so far) have thumbnails only. As I progressively upload the full-size photos, I'll change those links to bold. I'll upload to pages with competitors' cars on first. It may take me a few weeks to complete the process.
If you see a particular thumbnail and you're interested in the full-size photo, email me and I'll bump it up the list.

Note also: I've loaded and re-saved the full-size photos with a higher compression than the camera gave them. The originals were around 2.5MB in size; compressing them shrinks them to around 1/3 of that, which makes a big difference when uploading via a 56K modem! The compressed photos are still of fairly good quality; if you want a copy of the original 2.5MB photo (just for example, you might want to 'blow up' the car in the example below, in which case, the bigger the original file, the better:) then I'll be happy to provide copies of originals by whatever means is most convenient - post a CD, or something like that. Contact me by email and we'll figure out the easiest way to do it.

The links showing competitor's cars in action are Stages 1, 3, 26, 30, 31, 32 and 40. The rest are just scenery, driving over some of the stages, parc ferme etc.

Start, Christchurch
Stage 1, Hilton
Driving over Saddle Road, Limestone Road (Stage 2)
Stage 3 Hanging Rock
How to bypass Fairlie...
Lake Pukaki
Stage 26 Chatton North
Smiths Track
Stage 30 Burma Road
Stage 31 Moir Farm
Driving over Burma Road (reverse)
Stage 32 Taieri Peaks
Golden Bar Road (Stage 32)
Driving over Back Line Road (Stage 38)
Timaru stop
Stage 40 Four Peaks
Lake Coleridge and Lyndon Road
Pig Saddle Road
Malvern Hills Road
Hookhamsknyvy Road
Blind River (Stage 50 in reverse)
Taylors Pass

Any comments or questions, email: cr at orcon dot net dot nz