Silver Fern Rally 2008 photos

Mt Gay to McKenzie Pass

These were taken while heading from the end of Stage 3 to the end of Stage 5 by an alternative route. None of them are actually on the rally route, but they may have some interest.

Thumbnails will link to full-size photos eventually.

These two were taken on Mt Gay Road, overlooking Spur Road (Stage 4). Check the dust in the distance.

This was Rockwood Road, used in the 2006 rally. This was taken standing in a gateway on a blind brow; at least one 2006 driver was lured into thinking it was straight and had to do a handbrake turn in the escape road.
I have a feeling that road straight ahead was used (in reverse) on the first day of the 1973 Heatway Rally.

Descending Rockwood Road, which is fairly steep down this gully.

This was Waratah Road, not sure if it was used on 2006, but it leads into...

... McKenzie Pass, which was used in 2006

Great views across the McKenzie Basin (I think it is) to the Southern Alps

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