Silver Fern Rally 2008 photos

Stage 3 - Hanging Rock

This was taken at the first intersection on Stage 3, with Wigley Road. Wigley Road is a winding sealed road that runs from near the finish in a big curve to intersect the stage near its start. The seal extends a few yards from the corner into the stage in both directions. This obviously did not make the corner any more predictable - check out the tyre tracks on the seal. I arrived just in time to see an Escort do a full 360 - unfortunately too late to get a shot of it.

Dust was a major problem, occasionally I could not see what I was taking in the viewing screen, my camera did far better than I expected it to.

Thumbnails will link to full-size photos as soon as I can upload them.

I think it was part of the front of this car that later went through part of Stage 17 (when the road reopened) in my Escort, after the radio car had retrieved it from a stage somewhere and passed it on to me to deliver to the security park in Dunedin. I can't be sure it was off this car, but it was big, it was yellow, and it wasn't off the Capri or an Escort, which narrows it down a bit. (It narrowed the room inside the Escort down a bit, too).

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