Silver Fern Rally 2008 photos

Stage 32 - Taieri Peaks / Golden Bar

This stage was known as Golden Bar in 2006, when it was run in the opposite direction. A great stage for road conditions and spectating alike.

The first few photos are on Stoneburn Road, which runs from the valley up to the junction of Taieri Peaks and Golden Bar roads. The junction is sealed for a few yards in each direction, but (as always) that didn't make it any less tricky, especially not after some gravel had got spread on the downhill corner.

There were great views in both directions, towards the west you could follow the cars for a couple of miles as they climbed an impressive scarp to get up to the high tablelands around the mine (the top of the hill is 1.4 miles away in a straight line). A video camera with a huge zoom range on its lens would have been great here. It took around a minute 45 seconds (according to the EXIF data on my camera) for a car like the Capri to get there.

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Stoneburn Road, on the way in

Looking towards Taieri Peaks you can sometimes see sun glinting off the cars

Looking the other way, you can follow a car for miles...

Follow the Capri.... going ........... and going ......

... and going ..... and going ........ and gone

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